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This is not Yogi Bear

on Sunday, October 28, 2007
Here are two panels from that notorious Robin Hood story I made few years ago. I selected two least offensive pictures from the whole comic. I'd be probably forever banned from Blogger if I try to post the rest :)

Dirty Robin

on Monday, July 09, 2007
Here's third and the last post about Branko Stoka . I don't want to forever cement my reputation as a "dirty cartoonist" so I'd better stop after this one :-)

Well, this is a special bonus treat, the first page of Branko Stoka's earlier appearance, in the legendary and infamous Robin Hood story. It's probably the most popular thing I've done, and people often ask me to draw more comics like this. The whole thing is 8 pages long, and I won't put it on the blog. It's included in my first comics collection, so just buy the f@#%in' book, folks . This page is just a teaser (literally).
The name "Robin Blud" is a funny and impossible to translate word-play in Croatian. The verses are in Croatian too, and I need to transfer them in ye olde Shakespearean English.

(to be continued... but not on this blog)